TEG Productions

The Trans Entertainment Guild completed its historic run of the award-winning musical The Civility of Albert Cashier at the Players Theatre in Greenwich Village on June 5th, 2022. Directed by TEG Co-Founder Mika Kauffman and Music Directed by Nicole D’Angelo, the event was among the first-ever showcases Off-Broadway with an all transgender and gender expansive cast and crew in New York theater history.

Photos by Joseph O’Malley (they/she).

Proceeds from the event went to trans-centered charities and trans-led community organizations including Community Oasis Igniting Liberation (COIL), Callen-Lorde, and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. Other beneficiaries comprised of trans and gender expansive guest artists and educators including Wesley Garlington, YaYa Harrison, Kris Königin and Lé DePriest, as well as trans performance organizations including Transcend Sings and Trans Voices Cabaret. The concert was performed in repertory, with casts alternating roles on various nights. 

Footage by Megan Rossman (she/her).

The cast included Achilles Mulkey (he/they), Áy Vi Luu (they/she), DeShawn Jenkins (they/them), Dexter Warren (he/they), Fin Gagnon (they/he), Imani Russell (they/them), Jace ‘n Ziev (they/ziv), Joshua Dominique (JD, they/she), Kristyn Michele (they/them), Lily Ali-Oshatz (all pronouns), Mark Mendez Muñoz (they/he), Nikomeh Anderson (they/he/Nik), Parker Wallis (they/she/fae), Salem Corwin (he/him), and Stevie Jae Davis (they/them). The team included Director and Choreographer Mika Kauffman (they/ze), Music Director and Music Supervisor Nicole D’Angelo (they/she), Stage Manager Dexter Warren, ASM Parker Wallis, General Manager Austen Howard (they/them), Assistant Choreographer Stevie Jae Davis, Script Consultant Grey F. Jackson (he/they), and Warm-up Coach Nikomeh Anderson. Presented through the Trans Entertainment Guild and co-produced by Mika Kauffman and Keaton Wooden (he/him).

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