The shutdowns of 2020 fundamentally changed how the entertainment industry is run and brought new awareness to the social injustices deeply entrenched in our practices. 

Through our organizational alliances and partnerships, and with the community and solidarity of our members, the Trans Entertainment Guild works to improve the lives of trans and gender expansive artists, technicians, and arts administrators. 

Our Founding Principles

  1. We have the right to respect.
  2. We have the right to privacy. 
  3. We have the right to be paid for our labor. 
  4. We have the right to equal employment opportunities.
  5. We have the right to tell our own stories. 

Core Values

  • Service. We serve TGE entertainment workers through advocacy and education. 
  • Inclusion. We represent entertainment workers’ interests from a wide range of gender, professional, racial, and financial experiences. 
  • Liberation. We dismantle oppressive systems that harm our members and condemn all discriminatory practices in our industry.  
  • Community. We cultivate interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships to support and uplift TGE voices in the entertainment industry.

Our Purpose

  • Advocacy. We advocate for our members by providing conflict mediators, letters of support, tailored-to-fit contract riders, and the strength of a guild behind them. 
  • Education. We connect entertainment organizations and businesses with TEG consultants and educators to establish new industry standards to treat TEG workers. 
  • Outreach. We create a network of allied organizations and businesses, both cis- and TEG-led, to advance and protect our members’ careers. 
  • Support. We provide the tools TEG workers need to continue their success in our industry. 

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